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We undertake studies, projects and provide consulting advice in the following areas:

  • Global economic challenges and prospects [more]
  • Development Strategies [more]
  • Macroeconomic issues [more]
  • Capital flows and debt [more]
  • Foreign Direct Investment [more

We Offer Briefing Notes, Seminars and Conferences


On such topics as global economic challenges, macroeconomic, development and debt issues, mainly addressed at managers, decision makers and government officials. The GDB Team undertakes research and in-depth analysis of these issues with all their complex inter-actions and inter-connections to get a better grasp of international and national issues of concerns for the future development of businesses and policy decision making.


Examples of topics : Finance (genesis and impact of financial crisis, the future of global financial architecture), International trade (recent trends in global trade, status of trade agreements, competition policies and trade).


The Growth & Development Bridge (GDB) Index


The GDB Index is a new tool developed by the GDB team for :

Benchmarking of countries according to their economic fundamentals;

Assessment of countries’ general economic prospects;

Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for countries and regions of the world.


This tool is to be used by policy-makers for measuring performance and identifying potential for improvement and by investors for making informed decisions on investment allocation and risk mitigation.


Special Studies


GD Bridge undertakes special studies made on request from clients and covering the above mentioned areas of research and analysis.


Global Economic Challenges and Prospects

The global economy is changing fast, most noticeably in the aftermath
of the recent global financial crisis. The interdependence between
countries has become stronger, and the distinction between developed
and developing countries has become blurred. World markets are closely
linked and national and international economic conditions impact on
each other. The GDB Team follows closely these challenges and reflect
our views on global issues on the GDB Editorials page.

We undertake upon request in-depth analysis of these global challenges
and prospects with all their complex inter-actions and 
inter-connections to get a better grasp of international and national issues of concerns for the future development of businesses and policy decision making. 

Find out more in our editorial issues.

Development Strategies

An original growth and development model developed by the “Growth and Development Bridge” team, provides a basic framework for a strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, (SWOT), analysis of a country’s economic prospects and challenges in a globalised and highly competitive world.  An index on the quality of economic fundamentals derived from the model allows a comparison between countries.  Analysis of policies and measures to address identified challenges is also undertaken as part of the SWOT analysis.

Find out more by reading our publications.

Macroeconomic issues

Provide an independent analysis of the macroeconomic framework of a country, highlighting the threats and challenges regarding the conduct of macroeconomic policies, given the current global economic and financial developments.

Capital flows and debt

Analyse the costs and benefits and risks of a country’s strategy in managing its capital inflows and outflows, as well as its debt sustainability analysis (including policy issues).

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Analyse policy options and other measures to promote FDI in desirable sectors, taking into account, inter alia, the implications of international trade and investment agreements, the role of FDI in a country’s development strategy and the position of other countries on the map of FDI distribution.

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